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The Ultimate Guide to Girl Dog Names

Having trouble choosing a dog name? We’ve done all the work for you. Easily narrow your search with our dog search engine - the google for dog names.


How to Name Your Girl Dog

Choosing from girl dog names can be quite difficult because there are just so many great names out there! You’re probably treating your new female puppy like a princess and want to give her the cutest name ever. Before you decide on Daisy, which happens to be a very popular name, consider other naming ideas that we’ve created for you in our guide to female dog names. In this guide we will help you through the process of finding names for your dog. Whether you want a popular name or a funny name, our website will help you find that perfect name. To help you get started, here are some tips to consider when naming your girl puppy.

What’s Her Breed?

What breed is your dog? Even if your dog is a female doesn’t mean her name will match her breed. If your dog is a female English Mastiff then naming her “Zoe” may be more suitable than a soft sounding name like “Lily”. Alternatively you may want to consider your dog’s personality. A timid female dog could benefit from a confident name like Zephyr. Even though the dog doesn’t know what the name means the most important thing is that you do. You will be calling her name often , especially when training her, so choose a name that you want to best represent how you want your dog to be.

Make it Personal

Oftentimes people who choose a name for their new girl puppy base it on something personal, such as a favorite celebrity. The benefits of choosing a name based on your personal interests is that it will be unique to you and your dog. When people ask why you chose the name for your little girl you can proudly explain the reasoning and meaning behind the name.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re still having trouble finding a name, we’ve done all the work for you in this ultimate guide. Just read through one of our categories to get more inspiration on dog names. Whether you’re looking for a funny or a unique name, we have all you need here on our site to help you find the perfect female dog name.

Top 15 Most Popular Girl Dog Names:

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