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Find the Perfect Funny Name for Your Boy Dog

Having trouble choosing a funny dog name? We’ve done all the work for you. Easily narrow your search with our dog search engine - the google for dog names.


How to Choose a Funny Boy Dog Name

Naming your boy dog after a funny pun or play on dog words can be an extremely fun process. Not only will you get a kick out of clever dog words that are derived from a famous name, but you will always look forward to telling people your dog’s name when asked. The easy part about giving your boy dog a funny name is that creating and finding names are more gender specific since it is usually derived from people. Most importantly, you will likely choose a name that also interests you, such as Pawtrick Stewart if you’re a Star Trek fan.

What Interests You?

There are plenty of funny, clever dog names out there that will vary from famous celebrities to video game heroes. If you want to find the best funny dog name for your male dog, think about what you like and start from there. If you have a favorite book, movie, celebrity, or anything that interests you then make a list of names that could be used. Then think about all the dog puns that could be used to recreate your interests list into your new funny dog name.

See What Other People Think

After you pick out your favorite funny dog names based on your personal interests you should ask your friends and family what they think. Although they might not share the same interests as you, at least you could get a first impression of how people perceive your funny dog name choices.

Tough Crowd?

If creating a funny dog name based on your personal interests is not an option for you, there is always our awesome site where you could find many funny dog names for inspiration. Below we have the top 12 funny dog names for male dogs that should give you ideas for naming your dog. Funny dog names aren’t for everyone, so look through our other name categories to get ideas and you may just find the perfect name for your male dog.

Top 12 Funny Boy Dog Names

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